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Obituary for Friedrich ‘Fritz’ Waaser,  born February 1, 1942, died January 16, 2019

Last week Friedrich ‘Fritz’ Waaser died at the age of 77 after a short illness. His colleagues from the Stumbling Stones Initiative Göppingen were among his large circle of friends. Fritz Waaser had researched and presented several Stumbling Stones biographies. He made considerable contributions to the book  ‘Here Lived…  Stumbling Stones in Göppingen’ which was published at the beginning of 2018. As a man with a wide range of cultural interests Fritz Waaser was an early participant in Göppingen’s KINO OPEN END. Fritz was an enthusiastic, knowledgeable conversation partner on the subjects of literature without borders, classical European music and visual arts of all periods. His apartment served as his own small private gallery of graphic works which he had collected over the years. Having been born in Stuttgart, he abhorred the planning for ‘Stuttgart 21’ (a railway and urban development project) and did not hesitate to express his political opinions not only on this but also on other issues. Fritz worked for many years as a psychologist at the Christophsbad Clinic. After retiring, many of his former colleagues remained his friends for whom he organized cultural trips, among other things. Everyone who knew him will miss this sensitive and likable man. Gratefully we will remember the years we were able to spend with him.

The “Stumbling Stones Initiative Göppingen” consists of a group of people interested in local history. We research the lives and fates of Göppingen residents who were murdered by the Nazis. This includes people who were persecuted because of their race, murdered because of their political views, and who were victims of euthanasia. After completing our research, we ask Gunter Demnig, an artist from Cologne, to create Stumbling Stones in remembrance of the victims and to lay them in front of their former homes. The Initiative also handles the funding of the Stumbling Stones. To the best of our knowledge, no further Stumbling Stones will be laid in Göppingen. We would like to thank all individuals, local government organizations and companies who have supported the Project Stumbling Stones and our Initiative, and continue to do so. A special thanks goes to the contemporary witnesses who have shared their memories and mementos.

The task of the Stumbling Stones Initiative is not yet concluded because the biographical texts continue to be revised and updated. In addition, we also stay in touch with the descendants of families who had been forced to flee but whose relatives were were not murdered. In the near future, their family memories and fates will be published at this site.


Dear Visitor, dear Friends

Our book about the Stumbling Stone Biographies "Hier lebte...  Stolpersteine in Göppingen" is released!

The book is bilingual in German and English. It can be bought at Stadtarchiv Göppingen.
ISBN: 978-3-933844-67-5 | Euro 15.00

The Publishing of this book, was the most important Work for the last year.
We gratefully thank all, who supported our work with their help and donations. You made it possible to publish this book.