Stolperstein Initiative Göppingen


The initiative Stumbling Stones Göppingen is a group of people interested in local history. We research the lives and fates of Göppingen residents who were murdered by the Nazis. This includes people who were persecuted because of their race, murdered because of their political views and victims of euthanasia. After completing our research, we ask Gunter Demnig, an artist from Cologne, to make a Stumbling Stone in remembrance of the victims and to lay it in front of their former home. The initiative also handles the funding of the Stumbling Stones. We do not have a monopoly on such research in Göppingen and for this reason we kindly ask everyone who is interested in this topic to contact us to avoid doing double research. We would like to thank all individuals, local governments and companies who support the Stumbling Stone project and our initiative. A special thanks goes to the contemporary witnesses with their memories and mementos. That is why we strive to arrange encounters with relatives of the murder victims by inviting them to the ceremonies when the Stumbling Stones are laid.

Banemann, Erich, Inge, Hedwig & Stefan
Barbian, Jakob
Bensinger, Elise
Bodenheimer, Sophie
Bühler, Rosa
Dettelbacher, Frieda
Dreifuß, Lothar
Einstein, Robert
Erlanger, Fritz Max
Fleischer, Arthur & Paula
Fleischer, Irma & Julius
Fleischer, Rosa
Fleissig, Wilhelm
Frank, Flora & Rosa  
Fränkl, Mina & Isidor
Frankfurter, Hedwig & Sigmund  
Frankfurter, Jakob  
Frey, Johanna  
Gahr, Johann  
Geschmay, Pauline & David  
Goldstein, Emilie  
Guggenheim, Pauline  
Heimann, Betty & Louis  
Heimann, Jenny & Felicia  
Hilb, Emil  
Hirsch, Max, Elsa & Hermann
Hirschhahn, Jenny
Katz, Johannette, Rosa, Gerhard, Wilhelm, Friedrich,
Emil, Ilse & Herbert
Kirchhausen, Emma & Sigmund
Kuttner, Ester
Kynast, Theodor  
Lauchheimer, Betty & Max  
Lendt, Georg & Mathilde  
Löwenstein, Ida & Julius  
Oberdorfer, Elsbeth, Ludwig, Franz-Sepp  
Oppenheimer, Frida & Simon
Oppenheimer, Kurt
Ottenheimer, Luise und Alfred, Richard und Werner
Piotrkowsky, Isaak, Rebekka & Sigmund  
Regensburger, Julius
Reinhardt, Paul, Rita, Rudi & Paula
Rödelsheimer, Doris & Lise  
Rosinberg, Fritz, Irma, Heinz & Arnold  
Schuler, Albert  
Schwab, Hannacha, Marianne & Max  
Simon, Helene & Sofie
Sinn, Lotte  
Stern, Erna, Hilde Berta & Leo  
Tänzer, Bertha
Wassermann, Isaak & Therese
Zitter,Paula, Sara & Rosa